We live in a movie life reality, give yourself the power to be your own director, what happens after "Action!" is always up for us to create!

At Super Cue, We believe in the importance of daily does of sweetness, it not only make life more enjoyable but certainly acts as fuel in the situations when we are in need of strength, happiness, and that element which puts joy in our life.

Combining ten years of experience in beverages and a lifetime searching for happiness, Super Cue serves the most authentic tea with top quality ingredients in Bay Area.




Only with premium real tea leaves, our TeaPresso is freshly pressed by order, no powder used for tea lovers and is perfect in any way!
Tea lovers like to have them by itself without any add-ons for an aromatic indulgence because the quality of our tea is that high.
Choose milk tea to enjoy your drink authentically, or tea latte if you prefer milk.


Let's welcome Boba Cue to the family! This house made exclusive Boba comes with flavors such as mango, strawberry, match and much more to come.
Boba Cues are flavorful while maintaining the balance with our beverages, the great alternative if you're a Boba fanatic craving for more!
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Signature Drinks

For the best quality in taste, we invited Tea Specialist all the way from Taiwan (where Bubble Tea was born) and put together our creative Signature Drinks menu.
Combining authentic flavor and a hint of the west, our Signature smoothies, flavored tea and milk tea are perfect for different cravings. 

Authentic Satisfactions

In this conditioned world, we are often not taking care of our authentic self with what we like and what feels right.
Super Cue Cafe wants all of our customers to leave with a big smile and satisfaction with the drinks that they choose. This is why all the drinks can be custom, not only the sweetness and ice level, but also the ingredients added. 
If any of the drinks you order doesn't meet your expectation, we remake the drink for you, FREE of charge!

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